BBMP to fine upto Rs.1000 if you are found carrying a Plastic bag


The BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) has taken serious steps to prevent and check the use of Plastic bags in the city. Even the complete ban on plastic has been implemented few months back, still there is no adverse decrease in the plastic waste.

The city is generating around 400 metric tons of plastic waste every day.

The BBMP has already started catching and fining people who are carrying plastic bags.

Next time if you are going out for a shopping make sure to have a jute bag with you or buy a new Eco friendly one. Else you may get fined Rs.500 or upto Rs.1000 if you are a repeated offender.

The Store Owners, Suppliers, Bag Manufacturers or other retailers can also be fined upto Rs.5 lakh if they found transporting, selling or storing the plastic bags.

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